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19 November 2010

Digital Arts Magazine Feature

Photo courtesy of  Ben Steers
All I Want for Christmas Charity Cards got a feature in this months Digital Arts Magazine including my design :)

The cards are still available to buy and feature a whole bunch of very talented UK artists and Illustrators! BUY SOME!

15 November 2010

'Perched' Bag

'Perched' Bag
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Bags are here! I've been really excited about them. Big thanks to JAker Productions for printing them. They are super cute :) you can get them from the shop HERE!

5 November 2010

All I Want For Christmas

All I Want For Christmas
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Last night saw the launch of this years 'All I Want for Christmas' Charity Christmas card collection at the White Bear in Bristol in aid of Bristol youth charity Young Bristol.
It was a great night all round. Along side the fantastic and diverse collection of cards ,selected from array of hugely talented UK illustrators and artist, was a lively art auction with originals and prints by contributing artists and galleries and a great atmosphere. I had a lot of fun and all my donated prints were snapped up, which as a fairly unknown entity was a big boost for me personally and most importantly it raised a few quid for Young Bristol.
If you missed out on the launch you can see all the cards and go grab a pack from here There really is a card for everyone in there and you get double the joy in sending them knowing they're going to help a good cause!

28 October 2010

tote bags coming soon!

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After laboriously hand painting a tote last week and posting it up on le facebook, I'm getting a batch silk-screened to make them an affordable affair because the feedback on the design was great and loads of people were asking how to get one and how much etc.
So hopefully in the next couple of weeks you'll be able to get your hands on them in the indescribble shop for under a tenner. Bargain :)

mmmmmm muerto

muerto (crop)
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Ok so Halloween is upon us again. Love it!! but so is the mexican festival Dias de los Muertos ( the Day of the Dead) where they celebrate and honour their dead. I like the idea of celebrating what has gone before, those loved and lost in such a vibrant way. Acknowledging death and embracing life.
So I had a cracking drawing session last night and this is what came out :) check out my flickr for more views. Gonna scan it in a little bit so you can see the details.


12 October 2010

Bits and Bobs

That's it, it's now obvious that I'm not a regular blog poster. I'm resigning myself to that. However, a beautiful friend from my Uni days, Jessica (also a very talented artist and illustrator you can find her blog here ) popped up last night and requested I post some more. So here's a little update.
So after my first solo show, now way back in July (where does the time go?)I had intended to move up to Leeds with my sister but jobs being what they are, she bounced back home scuppering the plan. Then a job came up with Hallmark in Bradford so I applied for it and psyched myself for moving 4 hrs North by myself and taking on a full time position. Got through to the second round of interviews but alas they hired someone else. Northern plans scuppered again. So now the plan is Bristol, get a place in a studio, carry on freelancing and get bill paying job!

Artistically, moving on from my favourite piece from the Ladies and Gentlecreatures show, 'These Seasons Will Change' I've been working in pencil more and exploring natural/ botanical patterns mixed with graphic intersecting shapes and lines.
I'm really enjoying this style and have another piece that's working in it but can't post it up quite yet because it's being used in an exciting little project.

In other news, the show art work is up on the indescribble bigcartel shop with prints starting at just £5! and for this month I've put the limited edition screen-print of 'These Seasons Will Change' on sale at 50% to £30 + P&P. Keep your eye out for more offers :)

Ok, enough for now. Must get back to building the new website! will update soon (I promise Jessica :))

Love and Scribbles x

6 August 2010

Custom Toy Union - Blind boxed 'ASSASSIN' Custom Dunny Series Now Available!

SDCC weekend saw the release of the CTU Assassins series.Such a lovely bunch of people to work with. Just a complete pleasure. They brought together 18 artists from all around globe to create the first custom blind box series by Each Blind Box includes:

* 1 randomly chosen custom Dunny
* Artist card
* Custom made CTU Assassins box

Featuring designs by:

Ardabus Rubber, B.A.L.D., Coolvader, F+, FAS, Fuller, Fried Gold, Indescribble, Matt “Lunartik” Jones, Lunabee, Motorbot, Nerviswr3k, Nico Deacosta, Patrick Francisco, Pocketwookie, Trenton Matthews and Troy Stith.

Plus a special Golden Ticket Dunny by Southerndrawl

The designs are all so different so there's something in there for everyone :)

Here's some more photos of my design 'Hidden' including the gold variant:

Custom Toy Union Assassins Blind Box Series

Assassins Blind Box Series- Gold Variants

Get your paws on them over @ their BigCartel

What's Been Going Town in Scribbletown

Hello my lovelies, wow, well what's been happening?

The Ladies & Gentlecreatures show came and went in a blink of an eye it seems. I'm really pleased I took the time to do the show, really get back in touch with my own work and had the chance to push the direction of my work somewhere a bit different.

Natural Hi

It was a crazy week in the run up to the opening. (Note to self: allow like a month after you finish your pieces to sort out your prints. leaving it to the last week to have everything photographed is nuts, even if the printers say they can do it in two and a half hours they mean they will do it in that time at some-point in a week!) but even with the lack of sleep, plate spinning, money spending etc. I had a great time and I met some great people who really helped me physically and mentally get the show together. Special thanks goes to CLC Marketing for sponsoring the show.

I was pleased with the space, the old Georgian doors and panelling in the basement gallery seemed a fitting backdrop for the work.

Sometimes You Gotta Just Hug it Out

I have to admit that by the opening evening I was somewhat of a wreck and a bundle of nerves as to how it was going be received. Being centre stage has never been my strong suit and to have that public focus on myself and the work which is an extension of myself was a frightening step but to see people spend time studying and discussing the work amongst themselves felt good. So to all of you who took the time to venture down and check out the work and leave a message in the comments book I left a big thank you.

Here's a few more pieces from the show.
I'm working on making all work available online for purchase so watch this space. You can currently get the limited edition prints from There are only 10 of each print so grab them while you can because there will be no re-prints!

Foxy Moma

In This Masquerade

A Girls Best Friends

Tea With Company

Check out my flickr for more pieces from the show.

Love & Scribbles x

23 June 2010

1st Solo Show

1st Solo Show
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Typically, I haven't blogged in ages. I always say I'll try and do it regularly the mega Fail!
So for the last few months i've been painting and drawing like crazy o canvas, panel and vinyl building up new pieces for my first solo show that will be the first exhibition in Iksentrik's new gallery space. I'm a mix of nerves and excitement as it approaches. The pieces are mostly done now so it's down to organizing prints and frames and finishing off.
Soooooo. If you're in Bath on July 10th be sure to come join us for the preview show from 5 -7pm, and keeping it Bath theme, there will be an acoustic set from Charlie Bath. If you miss that you can still check it out til the 30th :)

Custom Toy Union - Blind Box Series

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Just shipped these bad guys out to the US last week. The guys over at asked me to be in the line up of artists taking part in their custom blind box 3" Dunny series.
Kinda crazy to go from an 18" Knuckle Bear to something so small but it was a nice challenge and definitely takes a different skill.
There will 10 of my pieces in the set 7 of these and 3 mystery variants. They're up for release at San Diego Comic Con and will be available through the CTU forum so go have a gander.

The Grey Rabbit

The Grey Rabbit
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Just finished a new 8" Dunny custom for my solo show at Iksentrik in Bath on July 10th! Making up for her ridiculously small dress and cheeky polka dot pants are her furry rabbit accessories, y'know just so she doesn't catch a cold ;)

17 January 2010


I'm finding myself wanting to spend less and less time in front of the computer these days. I'm less inclined to the clean lines of vectors and leaning towards the hand drawn/ handmade aesthetic. I'm finding inspiration in artists who really draw with beautiful fluidity. I just found Chow Martin on Society 6 and his work just makes me want to pick up a pencil and get to it.

I think it's something about the dynamics about the work I'm getting drawn to. Maybe I'm drawn to what I feel I lack. I love this 'Amelie' preliminary sketch by Nimit Malavia.

I think it's the sense of kineticism and the line variation or maybe a combination of stillness and movement, or even imagined movement, as if there were more than one time and space. One in reality and one in imagination.

What Develops Julian Callos

I guess I go through periods of stylistic obsessions like most artists but I'm feeling like the last 9 years I've been trying to consolidate the desire to draw the realistic with fantastic and I'm finally feeling like I'm almost at a point where I'm getting there. Not that I ever want to really find that I've resolved it because I think I'd bore myself.

5 January 2010

हैप्पी न्यू इयर!

Ok I swear I do this every year but i'm determined to get myself sorted this year. I did a lot of changing in 2009. Mike and I went our separate ways and I've been trying to get to grips with who I am and where to take Indescribble. So this year I'm planning to redesign the website over at, getting involved in more shows and finding new clients.

So watch this space.

First up will be a custom toy show in early February for the launch Iksentrik's new store in Bath!