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31 October 2007


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It's that time of year, already, when your held to ransom by 9 yr olds in mostly unimaginative costumes bearing silly string and eggs nicked from their parents store cupboard. To celebrate this joyous occasion I've done some festive illustration. Happy Halloween !

Cool Yule

yeti and salamander macro
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I've just finished bagging our greeting card for the winter holidays!
It's printed with our new Gocco printer which came all the way from Japan. We hand cut the cards and bought some shiny gold envelopes to match the spangly gold ink on the front.
we'll be putting them in our etsy shop very soon so watch this space!

30 October 2007

More artwork for Sneaky Critters

I Think It Was Something I Ate
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Mick and I decided to do a collaboration piece for our second bit of artwork for the show. Mick likes to work in Black and white, whereas I like to use colour so we thought two canvases would work best with both of us creeping ( or Sneaking) onto each others space.
It created a really interesting almost cyclical graphics worm with a lot of movement around the piece. I Like the the almost Ying-Yang quality between the black and White and the colour. We called it 'I Think It Was Something I Ate' and you can buy it for £100.

29 October 2007

Sneaky Critter Show @ Bodhi Gallery

'Sneaky Critter Criminals' by Indescribble
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Last Monday I travelled to London's Brick Lane to deliver our canvases to Sneaky Raccoon - Sneaky Critters Exhibiton at Bodhi Gallery.
I had a lot of fun helping put the show together with Sneaky herself, Matt Jones (Lunatik), Sichi, Jawa & Phill Corbett.
It was a great show with Mini 4" canvases designed by 30 fantastic Illustrators and artists and some really outstanding additional artwork.

Our mini canvas (which is still available) was called 'Creeping Critter Criminals' and Mick and I collaborated on a twin canvas piece titles 'It Must Have Been Something I Ate'. As always there were a lot of laughs whilst creating the work.
Check out the pictures from the night on SneakyRaccoon's flickr page.
If you want either of the pieces you can contact Sneaky raccoon through flickr or drop us a line :)


Hello friends,

We thought that we'd get in on this blogging act. Seems like everyone else is doing it so it can't be bad, can it?
We'll use it to keep you up to date with all the indescribble goings on:If we do an exhibition, have a new project or we just want to show off ;)
We'll try to keep it up to date with new things and if we don't have new things maybe we'll show you old things. So keep your eyes peeled ( that's actually a horrible turn of phrase and has just made me feel a little queasy:{).