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18 March 2009

Lazy Oaf T-shirt Competition

Loafin Scribbles
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My sister kindly gave me the heads up on the fact that Carnaby Street purveyors of character based clothing Lazy Oaf, were running a new T- shirt design competition where the winner would have their design printed up and sold as a limited edition in their shop and online. Though there's no financial gain for the winner , I still think it's a good opportunity to get exposure without having to take any financial risks and it would be good to meet the Oaf team and get to experience how they work and develop and market their products.

SO If you want to see my entries and show your support by leaving a comment under my designs.

8 March 2009

The one we call Piaow

The one we call Piaow
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I made this little bug. He's great for zapping people un-expectantly in the neck whilst making the sound PIAOW!
Oh the fun you can have with felted jumpers!

2 March 2009

Blog Love

Thanks to All Things Kawaii Blog for blogging about my characters on flickr. It's nice getting attention :D just makes it all worth it!