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17 April 2008

Love to post update

Originally uploaded by LTP_Rimmer

Mr Rimmer has made these lovely shiny books of artiness to sell at the Love to Post exhibition @ Go Go Plastic, Birmingham. You can also buy them online from his Big Cartel store. Profits go to NSPCC so not only do you get a book full of lovely pictures you get a warm fuzzy feeling knowing your helping others. Double ace!

oh and guess who made the first page :p

1 April 2008

A broken leg and a trip home

Ok , so I sexed it up a bit, there's no plaster and it's not my leg.
My poor Mum broke her leg while skiing about 8 weeks ago. She's got 3 massive bolts at the top of her leg hence no plaster :( My wonderful sister Charlie has been looking after her until now but it's still not healed and she had to go back to Looniversity so I've had to leave the other half of team Indescribble at home and come look after her! for a whole month! erk. Thank heavens for t'internet :D