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16 October 2009

Another Teaser!!

I've been working on a little wintery wonder that may just end up being a Christmas card this year so I can't very well show you the whole thing yet can I?
I'm a bit excited about it so I wanted to show you something :D

Spooky Darlings Sneak Peak

Not long now till Halloween and all the exciting goings on at Ik'sentrik.
Here's a little peak of what's coming up at the show :D
Hope to see you there!

1 October 2009

Ik'sentrik Live painting and mini show

Ik'sentrik Live painting and mini show
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Roll on Halloween!!!
This is gonna be great fun.
Gonna be live painting the Iksentrik shop window in Frome and showing my new "Spooky Darling" custom skate decks.

Come Join the fun!

29 September 2009

Pure Pleasure Design Love...

Ines Gamler’s design blog 'Pure Pleasure Design' created a post of '155+ Illustration Streams on Flickr you shouldn’t miss.'
And guess who features? Yey!!
Check it out, there are lots of great artists and some fabulous inspiration right there.

Blogging Fail! ... And customs

Hi Hi Tiddleypeeps,

Wow, I'm really quite shocking at this blogging business.
Lots has happened since my last post. This should be Fail Blog! or Fail blog should be just a blank page saying that.
Sadly Team Indescribble is no more. After 7 1/2 years together Mike and I decided to go our separate ways. It was very sad but we're both moving down our paths and are much happier for it. Fear not though, we're both still doodling away! I'm still working under the pseudonym Indescribble and Mike will be back soon with a vengeance under his own name.

So yeah a great few months of change and re-adjustment and much more to come I think.

Meanwhile, I've been working on new things.
I recently got involved with another custom show at Iksentrik in Frome called "What A Plank" This time using skate decks as a platform. I have to say I loved it! I was so anxious about getting back to painting as little work has got beyond my sketchbook lately as I've been busy designing toys and packaging. I had heard that Julie West amongst other amazing artists had been asked to contribute so I got a little critical of my work and went a little crazy trying to come up with a decent design. Once I had a few words with myself and got myself back on track, inspiration hit and I came up with a lil something.
Painting it was a real pleasure. I loved working with the wood grain of the deck and I was really pleased with the result and have since had a really positive response. So maybe Snow boards next.

18 March 2009

Lazy Oaf T-shirt Competition

Loafin Scribbles
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My sister kindly gave me the heads up on the fact that Carnaby Street purveyors of character based clothing Lazy Oaf, were running a new T- shirt design competition where the winner would have their design printed up and sold as a limited edition in their shop and online. Though there's no financial gain for the winner , I still think it's a good opportunity to get exposure without having to take any financial risks and it would be good to meet the Oaf team and get to experience how they work and develop and market their products.

SO If you want to see my entries and show your support by leaving a comment under my designs.

8 March 2009

The one we call Piaow

The one we call Piaow
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I made this little bug. He's great for zapping people un-expectantly in the neck whilst making the sound PIAOW!
Oh the fun you can have with felted jumpers!

2 March 2009

Blog Love

Thanks to All Things Kawaii Blog for blogging about my characters on flickr. It's nice getting attention :D just makes it all worth it!

25 February 2009

Genius, and how we ruin it.

My sister , a songwriter, sent me the link to this video at the weekend. It's probably the best thing I've seen or heard in a long time. Anyone who is creative and is striving to create something that validates your creative path to both yourself and others will, I think, appreciate this video. It's very insightful. From now on whenever I have a crisis of confidence about my work I'm going to watch this. Enjoy x

The author of Eat, Pray, Love, Elizabeth Gilbert has thought long and hard about some large topics. Her next fascination: genius, and how we ruin it.

23 February 2009

Leaving presents for our Ami

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My very good friend is moving to Korea on Wednesday. Sad times :( but also exciting times for her. I know she'll really enjoy it even though she'll miss everyone.
I couldn't let her go without making her a little present for her travels.
I found this great little tutorial for a passport cover and after an aborted first effort with some oilcloth (which ended up horribly wrong with me exasperated and swearing at my sewing machine. Neither did I have the right foot or needle apparently.) I think it came out quite nice with a bright blue Chinese silk lining :)
I'd been making butterflies, out of the scraps of felted wool left over from my plush, all week with no real purpose so decided to turn some into some hair slides for her.
Then I thought it still wasn't quite enough so I made a little coin/card purse too. It took me forever, I thought it was only going to take me half an hour but several hours later I was still making it. It's fully lined though :) I really need to practice my sewing skills I think.
Nevertheless, Ami liked them so it was all worth it :) I will miss her dearly but with the wonders of skype and the internet It won't be so bad.


20 February 2009

Super Tash and other's from the Stash

Super Tash
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I'm slowly building up a selection of recycled wool felt guys. Including this fine fellow ( he likes to think he's Tom Selleck I think). They're completely unique, all hand sewn and extremely huggable. I'm Going to add them to either our Big Cartel or Etsy store very soon so watch this space :)

Chicks Challenge

Chicks Challenge
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I was recently asked to do a design for a charity project that involves three ladies from Leeds who have decided to walk from Leeds to London in June 2009 in aid of our two chosen charities, Volunteer Africa and Village Aid. I always like to do a bit for charity, gives me the warm and fuzzies.
They seem to really like the design and today a lovely lil' parcel turned up with some great thank you gifts :D Bonus :)

18 February 2009

Work work work

Tom the Terrible Tiger
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Firstly, yet again, long time- No post. I'm really not at one with the blog yet but i will endeavour to do better.
So for almost a year now I've had a steady stream of work from a local product developer/ manufacturer. It's been a really good experience even through the various frustrations it's brought with developing things for other people rather than yourself.
I've worked on so many different projects form designing toys in plush, paper and plastic, web graphics, brand identity, packaging, children's books- allsorts.
It has made me think about the many times I've looked at things in magazines and shops and thought that a design isn't so hot. I would think how could someone let it get printed? and scrutinise every vector that looks out of place.
I now realise that time and money play a big part. There's been times that I've really wanted to create something perfect but have been so restricted on budget and therefore time that I just can't do it with all the best intentions.
Anyway.... After months and months of sitting in front of the computer drawing these products it's been really nice to see them come to life and see how the factory has interpreted my designs.
You can see more of the stuff I've worked on over at my flickr and @
Fingers crossed I get another year of interesting products to work on and the time to work on some more of my own things. x