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29 September 2009

Pure Pleasure Design Love...

Ines Gamler’s design blog 'Pure Pleasure Design' created a post of '155+ Illustration Streams on Flickr you shouldn’t miss.'
And guess who features? Yey!!
Check it out, there are lots of great artists and some fabulous inspiration right there.

Blogging Fail! ... And customs

Hi Hi Tiddleypeeps,

Wow, I'm really quite shocking at this blogging business.
Lots has happened since my last post. This should be Fail Blog! or Fail blog should be just a blank page saying that.
Sadly Team Indescribble is no more. After 7 1/2 years together Mike and I decided to go our separate ways. It was very sad but we're both moving down our paths and are much happier for it. Fear not though, we're both still doodling away! I'm still working under the pseudonym Indescribble and Mike will be back soon with a vengeance under his own name.

So yeah a great few months of change and re-adjustment and much more to come I think.

Meanwhile, I've been working on new things.
I recently got involved with another custom show at Iksentrik in Frome called "What A Plank" This time using skate decks as a platform. I have to say I loved it! I was so anxious about getting back to painting as little work has got beyond my sketchbook lately as I've been busy designing toys and packaging. I had heard that Julie West amongst other amazing artists had been asked to contribute so I got a little critical of my work and went a little crazy trying to come up with a decent design. Once I had a few words with myself and got myself back on track, inspiration hit and I came up with a lil something.
Painting it was a real pleasure. I loved working with the wood grain of the deck and I was really pleased with the result and have since had a really positive response. So maybe Snow boards next.