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8 February 2008

Plush tastic

teddy plush
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I'm really getting into this crafting lark and the winter has got me messing with wool.
I got an old woolly jumper from the charity shop to make Mick some slippers as his were falling apart and he refused point blank to buy some or let me buy some either. so I stuck it in the was to felt it and it turns out I could make slippers out of the sleeves so i had tons more wool to play with. Here's the result. this cheeky looking thing!

Exhibition: Love to Post

LTP Exhibition
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Our Love to Post Postcard will be exhibited along with lots of other fabulous artists at the very cool Go Go Plastic! store in the custard factory, Birmingham starting on the 13th of April and will run until the 27th. Props to Martin for organizing it. I'm sure it will be great!