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28 October 2010

mmmmmm muerto

muerto (crop)
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Ok so Halloween is upon us again. Love it!! but so is the mexican festival Dias de los Muertos ( the Day of the Dead) where they celebrate and honour their dead. I like the idea of celebrating what has gone before, those loved and lost in such a vibrant way. Acknowledging death and embracing life.
So I had a cracking drawing session last night and this is what came out :) check out my flickr for more views. Gonna scan it in a little bit so you can see the details.


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Jessica Enneby Eldenstjärna said...

yay! love to see art updates! Keep 'em coming :)
I desperately need money to buy new computer and scanner :( as my old one's are now at the computer graveyard ;)
Frustrating not being able to quickly scan and put stuff on my page.. but.. oh well, soon...