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18 February 2009

Work work work

Tom the Terrible Tiger
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Firstly, yet again, long time- No post. I'm really not at one with the blog yet but i will endeavour to do better.
So for almost a year now I've had a steady stream of work from a local product developer/ manufacturer. It's been a really good experience even through the various frustrations it's brought with developing things for other people rather than yourself.
I've worked on so many different projects form designing toys in plush, paper and plastic, web graphics, brand identity, packaging, children's books- allsorts.
It has made me think about the many times I've looked at things in magazines and shops and thought that a design isn't so hot. I would think how could someone let it get printed? and scrutinise every vector that looks out of place.
I now realise that time and money play a big part. There's been times that I've really wanted to create something perfect but have been so restricted on budget and therefore time that I just can't do it with all the best intentions.
Anyway.... After months and months of sitting in front of the computer drawing these products it's been really nice to see them come to life and see how the factory has interpreted my designs.
You can see more of the stuff I've worked on over at my flickr and @
Fingers crossed I get another year of interesting products to work on and the time to work on some more of my own things. x

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