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23 February 2009

Leaving presents for our Ami

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My very good friend is moving to Korea on Wednesday. Sad times :( but also exciting times for her. I know she'll really enjoy it even though she'll miss everyone.
I couldn't let her go without making her a little present for her travels.
I found this great little tutorial for a passport cover and after an aborted first effort with some oilcloth (which ended up horribly wrong with me exasperated and swearing at my sewing machine. Neither did I have the right foot or needle apparently.) I think it came out quite nice with a bright blue Chinese silk lining :)
I'd been making butterflies, out of the scraps of felted wool left over from my plush, all week with no real purpose so decided to turn some into some hair slides for her.
Then I thought it still wasn't quite enough so I made a little coin/card purse too. It took me forever, I thought it was only going to take me half an hour but several hours later I was still making it. It's fully lined though :) I really need to practice my sewing skills I think.
Nevertheless, Ami liked them so it was all worth it :) I will miss her dearly but with the wonders of skype and the internet It won't be so bad.


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